Kim & Caroline Show How Opposite Worlds Work Perfectly Together!

We all have different skills and talents and because of this we all need each other. This is very true of the relationship between Kim Frost of The Kim Frost School of Dance, and Caroline Haywood MCIM of Purple Genie Digital.

With Caroline starting initially as one of Miss Kim’s pupils, the relationship between the two businesswomen has grown from strength to strength. “I used to love dancing as a child,” Caroline says. “So, when my sister asked me if I wanted to join Kim’s Adult Dance Gym, I couldn’t get there fast enough!” Then, when Caroline started her own business, Purple Genie Digital Marketing, she wondered if Kim might need support with her online presence and so got in touch to show her how she may be able to support her. The result was a complete digital overhaul for the dance school – starting with website development and social media management. Kim has been delighted with the result. “Caroline has revolutionised my online presence and made my life so much easier, leaving me more time to do the bits I enjoy. She is so helpful, and nothing is too much trouble for her. It’s been amazing to have her creative input in my business.” So, whether it’s learning dance routines or deciphering algorithms, these two ladies have shown how, using what they know and are passionate about, putting the two together has been a positive experience that has benefited both parties both at work and play. They have shown that their two opposite worlds – technical and creative, work perfectly together to support one another. “Sometimes I arrive at the studio feeling frazzled,” says Caroline, “I love what I do, but sometimes sat behind a computer all day can be very immobile and dance is the perfect antidote for this. Kim teaches me to tap dance and I support her with her digital presence – it’s perfect! I look forward to my dance classes every week. Miss Kim and the other teachers are all amazing and it’s such a good way to exercise, it beats going to the gym anytime. My nieces also attend the classes for children and love it. It keeps them fit and I know that the training they get is top-notch, because of the level of professionalism and training from the teachers. If parents want the ‘real-deal’ for their children, they attend Kim Frost.”

So, what is the future for the two businesses? “I will certainly carry on with my dancing of course,” Caroline smiles, “I also have some amazing clients who I’m planning on developing their digital offering as new technologies evolve in 2019. It’s really exciting!” Kim is also excited about the future, "We've just celebrated our twenty year anniversary and seen some amazing dancers along the way - here's to the next twenty years!" Watch this space...

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