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7 Truths About PG Digital

Updated: Apr 1

What. A. Year! Sorry I've been out of touch. So, now it's time to practice what I preach and write a blog about my business. You see, I explain to my clients all the time that blogging is a way to personalise your business and make you more accessible. Plus, it adds lots of lovely keywords to your website and therefore supports your SEO. It always seems amusing to me that we have all of this technology and yet all I do all day, each day, is work on the best ways to make businesses seem 'real' online. To try to break down the barriers that digital media presents and make the people behind logos and branding shine through. So, here I am doing what I ask everyone else to do - plus, I felt it's time I should keep you all up to speed with what I've been doing too. So to break it down numerically (something I also advise my lovely clients to do) and without further ado, here's 7 things I've done/learnt over that past year which I feel will express what it's like to be out here, on my own (a lot), doing what I love the most. I thought I'd also throw in some digital marketing nuggets of gold too (it has just been the season of giving, after all...) 1. Personalised Content Personalised content works best on social media. End of. Your dog's visit to the office, a nice cake, staff achievements - people (users, in digital marketing terms) love this stuff. Keep doing it. Then do it some more. 2. I've cried over campaigns I'm emotional at times because I care deeply about my work. I want to do my best. And sometimes I find it extremely frustrating when I work very hard alongside a client to get their message across, and it fails. The harsh reality is that advertising doesn't always work. As the old saying goes, 'You can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink'. But, with digital, the silver lining is that we can find out why most of the time, not do it again, and save money in future. Gone are the days when we ran an ad in the paper, sent out leaflets, then wondered which one made the phone ring (unless you're still doing that of course!) 3. Don't boost Facebook posts As I write this (things always change, mind) doing this is an expensive way to find out that you're not reaching the correct audience. Just don't do it unless you sell something very, very generic that everyone likes. Such as a chocolate bar. 4. I've met some truly wonderful people One thing I didn't preempt when starting out by myself, is that, I work in some very different and diverse industries and have met some incredibly knowledgeable, clever, kind and sharing people. People I would have never met had I not decided to set up by myself. I'd say this is the part I like most. I'm privileged to be involved with them. 5. Digital marketing is holistic It is a fact universally acknowledged by search engines that consistent activity on ALL of your digital marketing channels contributes to your overall online presence, supporting offline SEO and thus your search engine rankings when also doing on-page SEO activities. Confused? Give me a ring! In other words, not consistently and correctly posting to the correct social media channels affects how your website appears in the Google rankings. Why should you care? Because almost everyone clicks on the top 2 results. So, just leaving Facebook alone because you have a good website isn't enough. You have to work that blue place to your advantage! Which brings me onto... 6. Facebook is King. Don't believe me? Just watch: Consider the orange lines. Forget YouTube is in front (because it's not a social network in the same category, I don't think) and also ignore WhatsApp and Messenger. They're important, but not in the same way. The number of active users on Facebook is significantly larger than the others - in fact, the big blue totalled 2.45 BILLION users at the end of Nov 2019. It was the first social media platform to have surpassed one billion users worldwide. And, we know what these users are interested in. It's amazing! This means that there's a big party of people out there who businesses can connect with. How exciting! 7. You aren't stupid. If I had a pound for each time someone said this to me I'd be typing this from the Bahamas. A lot of people I meet/work with tend to have this idea that, because they don't understand the intricacies of digital marketing that they're stupid. 'Oh, I'm stupid/simple/old-fashioned and I don't get it,' they say (these are people who've been in business for years). My field of study is about online marketing and always will have to be if I need to keep up with technology. I've written test papers on this subject, sat awfully complicated exams, and failed and learned from lots of examples. Digital marketing is hard; complicated and ever-changing. I don't always know what I'm doing. I think because this internet is a relatively new, yet very accessible media - I lot of people don't realise that to work with it (in marketing terms) is a new discipline. It wasn't around when I was at college - hence my study in my later years. I accept this will always be ongoing and it excites me. And just because the familiarity of Facebook is always there it doesn't mean a person should understand it, in marketing terms. One thing I find incredibly satisfying is helping people. I love it when we work together to make it work for them. So there you have it - I hope you finding my little insight of interest and I'm going to be giving you all more! And, I have some very, very exciting projects developing going forward in 2020 that I'll be telling you all about soon. Watch this space... Happy New Year and I can't wait to start work in the new decade!

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